Subscription Information

SENIOR: New* $199
SENIOR: Returning $350 or $320 if paid by 1 September 2018
INTERMEDIATE $210 or $190 if paid by 30 September 2019
JUNIOR $210  or $190 if paid by 30 September 2019
CASUAL** $100 please note conditions
SOCIAL (Non-playing) $25
INTERCLUB FEE ($20 for Seniors/$15 for Intermediates per season for members wishing to play interclub)
*A New Senior is a person who has never been a member, or has had a break of 3 or more years.

**Social memberships are for partners or friends of existing members who would like to come down for the occasional hit but do not wish to take on a full membership (conditions apply).  No key will be given as part of this membership and the member cannot play interclub.

Family Membership discounts of 10% are available for 3 or more members of immediate family living at the same address. Please note if taking family discount all family members subs must be paid with one cheque.

Fees to can be paid to 12 3082 0079878 00

Enrollment forms

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