As written by Peter Thomson, Life Member, for the opening of the new Lynfield Tennis Clubhouse in April 2001 (Full Club History).

The Beginning
Lynfield Association carried out a Poll of the Lynfield Area and found that a Tennis Club was the most supported facility for the district. Peter Thomson was requested by councillor Graeme Wilson to join the committee of the Lynfield Association to provide the knowledge of a Tennis Club operation.

Council (Mt Roskill Borough then) agreed to lease the site in The Avenue to the Lynfield Association. All Households in the area were called on soliciting $10 per house to become members of the Lynfield Community Centre (at that time non-existent). At the same time they were asked to indicate whether they would join themselves or their children if a Tennis Club was formed.

July 1971
A public meeting was called and held at the church hall in The Avenue. A steering committee, chaired by Peter Thomson, was elected to facilitate the formation of a tennis club.

July – December 1971
Planning and fund raising took place over the next few months and in the meantime the Club got under way by using courts at the Waikowhai Intermediate School. Council gave a grant for $5000 from the Lynfield Reserve Fund. Through the good offices of Ian Gough* and his employers, the Downer Corporation, the planning earthworks and laying of the first four courts was completed by 24th December 1971 and the Club moved on site in January 1972. Council provided the small shed (still there) for a clubhouse.

The Club affiliated with Auckland Lawn Tennis Association.

The Club became an Incorporated Society. The Club continued to be a subsidiary of the Lynfield Association for the first few years but was granted a separate lease of the land in its own right in the end. The Club purchased two ward buildings from the old Cornwall Hospital, renovated and converted them to a pavilion – great rejoicing – we even had toilets!

Work commenced on fund raising for two more courts.

Two extra courts built. For the years from 1971 – 1977 we received grants from the Mt Roskill Borough Council for varying amounts up to $5000. Part of the initial fund raising in 1971 for $1000 was for the clearing of the passive reserve (The Avenue playground etc) under a contract awarded to the Club by the Council.


Unfortunately the Council was not as impressed by our ward building club rooms as we were and they were condemned. Serious fund raising commenced and it was out with the old and in with the new.

We shifted ourselves to the Community Hall while the building work was being done and luckily Santa managed to find us there. The mid-week ladies put on one of their magnificent spreads for Christmas.

Finally, it’s all done. Everything is shiny and new.

We throw a big party to celebrate and invite a few VIPS to open our new clubrooms.

The Club would like to pay tribute to:

  • Ian Gough who passed away 11 November 2005 aged 65 at his home in Adelaide. His efforts for the club will always be remembered.
  • Peter Thomson for his efforts in making the Tennis Club a reality, and for putting together this excellent history of the early years. Please take the time to read the full version, it makes for fascinating reading (8 pages) – Full Club History.
  • Anne Morgan for her fantastic photographic record of club history and events in more recent times.